Thursday, May 26, 2011

Good Morning and sorry it has been sooooooo long since my last post.  I really need to figure out how to get internet in my scrappy place!  My wireless router died : (   I will figure this out, I promise!!!

Well, I am finally going to comment on something which has been a really hot topic in the electronic cutting world.  As most of you know, I own a Cricut Expression machine, which is made by ProvoCraft.  I have several ProvoCraft items, like the Cuttlebug, over 50 of the cartridges for the Cricut, Design Studio, and a Gypsy.  While I was pleased with my machine, I was not pleased with Design Studio, as it is and still is not very user friendly and the only updates for this software was when ProvoCraft released new cartridges.  Then I heard of a software program called Sure Cuts A Lot, made by Craftedge.  I purchased the software and was not only able to use the fonts on my computer, but was able to design my own cut files.  Now, while I am not very good with Inkscape, which is a program that assist you in designing, I loved the fact that I could cut items that I know that ProvoCraft would not make a cartridge for, which I am not upset about as they can't make carts for everything.  Then Make the Cut software came out, which to my understanding, is even more user friendly than SCAL, but I was going to wait and see what everyone thought of this program before I purchased it.

Well, I was a day late and a dollar short, as ProvoCraft took MTC to court and the settlement with MTC was that it would no longer support the Cricut.  Then ProvoCraft went after SCAL, much to my disappointment and now their new version, SCAL 3 will not support the Cricut as well.  As you can all imagine, I am somewhat upset with ProvoCraft and this was the last straw for me.  While there are crafters who support and love this particular company, which I once was, but they have disappointed me.  They do not really listen to their customer base, their customer service is very hit and miss, and they make promises, which never really seem to happen.  Even with my purchase of a third party software, I was still purchasing cartridges, due to the fact that they had some that I loved.  So I will not be purchasing anymore PC products and will use my bug until it dies, as purchasing another cutter at this time is not an option for me.  So now off of my soap box and  to my scrappy place to create, craft and dream!  I have some video I must do and pics to post............

Scrappy hugs,