Monday, January 24, 2011

Blog Review Monday!

Good Morning my scrappy friends!   I know I have been MIA for awhile, but now I am back with Blog Review Monday!!!! I was viewing the many, many blogs that I subscribe and follow, so you all know it is a major decision when it comes to Blog Review Monday!  There are sooooooo many wonderful and creative bloggers out there!  Today I have chosen Joy's  She is a kick and her site, which does take some time to load, but the reason for that is she has soooooo many wonderful tips, tricks and other great stuff, it is worth the wait! (It just maybe my puter!) Here the link:

Please give her blog a look and send her some scrappy love!

Also, it is day #3 of my journey to quit smoking and it seems to be going okay.  It seems a little harder today because I am home and no one else is.  One would think that I would enjoy this me time, but my boys were a big help this weekend with the journey.  So, I will just have to get moving so I don't think about it. 

My goal is to spend the time and money that I will be saving in and on my scrappin place, so I am off to do some housework and then going to my scrappy place! 

Scrappy Hugs,

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