Tuesday, January 25, 2011

YouTube Tuesday!

Hello again my scrappy friends!  Welcome to another YouTube Tuesday here at Scrappin T's Place.  For today I chose a lovely lady who not only does wonderful tutorials, her kits are just fabo!  I am talking about Kathy Orta of Paper Phenomenon.  She recently made a tutorial vid on a different way to do a paper bag album.  You all should take a peek at it. Her YouTube Channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/kathyorta.  She has other tutorials as well, so go over and view her channel. 

Now, it is day #4 on my journey to quit and I am having some difficulties today.  I have come to realize that I used smoking to supposedly calm my nerves when I was mega upset, or mad.  I have some challenges that I must face, but I must find a better way to deal with them.  While I have not smoked since Saturday,  I can not say I have not wanted one.  Which is okay, but I also really do not want to get into another habit to quit this one.

Well, my scrappy friends, time to get off my computer and clean up my house.  I really am attempting to set aside time for my scrappin, which I have not been able to do.  So this is one short term goal I have is to have a set time everyday for the scrappin place. Let's see how long it takes to reach that goal!

Scrappy Hugs,

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