Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whatever Wednesday

Good Morning my scrappy friends and welcome to Whatever Wednesday here at the scrappin' place!  Today for my post I decided that I would tell you all about how I got started scrapbooking.  I must say I think I was a secret scrapper when I was young, as I would go to visit my Uncle and Aunt in Oregon.  The first thing I would do is just sit and look through his many, many photo albums.  My Uncle, God rest his soul, when he passed away, he had over 75 of these albums.  So, Uncle Mike, thanks for preserving those wonderful memories!

I wanted to find a way to store all of my photos, and my sister in law told me to start a scrapbook and I thought okay.  I still have my very 1st page, which I can say is pretty bad, but  we all have to start somewhere!  That was over 4 years and a Cricut Expression later!  LOL!  I love this adventure and while I have not even put a dent in my stack of photos, I can honestly say I would not trade it for anything.

Now it is day #5 in my journey to quit and I had a rough day yesterday, but today looks better!  I am going to treat myself to some new scrapbook papers!  You know that you are a scrapper when you want to treat yourself to some new papers or other scrappy items!  LOL!

Hope you all have a scraptacular day!

Scrappy Hugs,

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